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Magellan first denied me after the AZ probation dept requested a determination. At first, they admitted they never truly requested my records.

I have a mental health team working with me now, they provided records and got records as far back as 2000. My appeal was AGAIN DENIED! I have been in and out of institutions and suffer with PTSD for my entire life...I just want help!!!

I read there paperwork, I have the qualifying diagnosis ( more than one) What do I have to do to get help ???????? Without an SMI determination, I cannot qualify for programs to help me learn to cope, I just want help.

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Me too. But fight them!!!

You are approved! Their rules for what constitutes an SPMI is wrong and does not follow their own manual or the DSM. Get an attorney if you have to.

Go to your state ombudsman. but whatever you do FIGHT THEM!

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